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Meet Lenako...

He has lymphatic cancer. He has been in hospital more this year than he has been out of hospital. This pic was taken on Xmas day, and at that time the nurses didn't think he would make 2 months. But he has a fighting spirit and a zest for life. Gloria hasn't been able to work all year... what I have pushed so hard for, and have appealed for help for, through raising awareness.I am so grateful to the 17 people who have donated towards #giveithorns for rhinos and unicorns. Resulting in R8 200. Thank you!I am also extremely grateful for the incredible support and for all the awareness that has resulted from my Ironman experiences...Please can I appeal to you to consider making a small donation... all the awareness in the world cannot pay bills and medical expenses. Let's make this thing count!!!

CLICK HERE to donate to #giveithorns and help support children and their families living with brain cancer. Thank you.